A Message To The Constituents of Cumberland North

Dear Constituents:

Four years ago I asked for your support. You have shown your faith and trust in me as
your representative in the provincial legislature. I am grateful for that support
and ask for your support and help again.

I am determined to ReBuild Together with you after this pandemic. The past 16
months have taken a toll and we are ready to move forward together.

I am not finished my work in Cumberland North. I have helped accomplish many
things over the past four years and there is more that needs to be done.

The pandemic has made it clear that the the government of our province does not
respect the people of Cumberland North. Their policies and practices have been
oppressive to our people and our area. This can no longer be accepted and actions
are needed to ReBuild Together.

I humbly ask for your support. Please vote for me as an Independent. I will work
for you, the people


Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin



ReBuilding Cumberland North Together


Build on a Foundation of: 

- Truth and Justice

- Determination and Dedication

- Servant Leadership

- Honesty


On the Pillars of:

- Timely Access to Health Care when needed

- Poverty Reduction and Empowering All People

- Environment and Caring for our Earth

- Entrepreneurship and Business


For more information on my platform please view the document below. Can't see it? You can download it in PDF format by clicking here


Show your support for Elizabeth by putting up a lawn sign on your property

Simply call our campaign office, send us a message on social media or fill out the contact form on this website and we will arrange everything for you.